Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I swear I'm still alive...and I have big news!!

So it's been awhile since I last blogged. I attribute it to the fact that I started a new job last week...YES, I am finally legitimately employed. I get health insurance, paid vacation and a few sick days. BIG leap from the place I worked before...Thank god. The only thing I miss about that job are my coworkers and the celebs.

I don't have to many life updates for all of you...with the exception of being extremely busy; this weekend I spent some time in Brooklyn. I felt extremely inadequate, totally not hip and yet extremely accepted by everyone. Never have I seen more babies in a bar, hipsters walking infants in $1500 bugaboo strollers and PBR cans than I can count.

It was definitely something I would do again.

Within the realm of all things dating (or lack there of), I received ANOTHER text from the guy I met on a train...I'm not sure I told this story, but without writing a telenovela...here's the story.

A a few months ago a guy sat next to me on the train. I went to college with him, we have met around 15 times, hung out at the same parties and I know his ex-gf...yet he proceeded to ask for my number, not realize we were already facebook friends, and text and bbm me until I think he got the hint that I was NOT interested in hearing about his "dreams" from the night before (I clearly attract the weirdos).Anyway, he texted me last week...clearly not getting that I wasn't interested the first 14 times he tried. I ignored.


Currently listening to my new anthem...

Painting my nails and eating a grapefruit. Here is to being random and loving every minute of it!

Until tomorrow...



  1. can we play soon? me being in MA the past two weekends + you working full time = long time no see wifey :(

  2. I love that song.. soo true too!