Friday, March 26, 2010

My one regret was not taking his picture...

Let me set the stage for you...

Last night I met the most fantastical person ever...6'1, Rihanna inspired Mohawk, lip ring, bling blinged out, fierce tranny of a waiter. He was sheer perfection. He was successful in getting K, M, J and I pretty sloshed and the $3 margs were flowing almost as frequently as the "hey BOO's" from Mr. Fabulous. If I could have brought him home in my pocket---I would have.
I think we even asked him if we could have him included on our check. When it came time for us to leave we received kisses and hugs from our new "bf"...all in all---pretty fantastic night.

Maybe I will relax this weekend...I have my first business trip next week!!! EEEKK stay tuned for all the fabulous details!



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