Thursday, July 1, 2010

Times with the Trifecta, moving out and why people named NORM should stop embarassing themelves...

So let’s just dive right in!

Summer weekends are always jam packed. In approximately 50+ hours you need to cram in everything you didn’t have time to accomplish during the course of the week. Last weekend was another one of my stellar cram sessions. Friday night sushi with KR, mini-playdate with my favorite 8 year old (check out the munchin below) and on Saturday went to Stamford to see TKH and KMC. Saturday went off without a hitch until around 4 a.m…stop reading now if you have no interest in hearing about why this was my NIGHTMARE…or, if you’re under the age of 18.

I'll set the’s 4 a.m. and I have to pee. I start to move from the aerobed that TKH and I are sleeping on in the basement of KMC’s house, when I hear two people hardcore hooking up outside of the door…like screaming. It was repulsive. If someone could relay this message back to Norm (yes that was his name…and I’m calling him out on this blog). I’d like you to let him know that he’s gross and he's an embarassment to himself. GET A ROOM NORM----GET A ROOM.

Wedged on the sink, on top of the bottles of Powerade from Costco and up against the bedroom door is NO place to be hooking up with some chick you picked up in a bar. Since you were...
a) too drunk to find her a way home
b) to drunk to remember her name
c) a guest in someone elses house
I’m positive you should never be invited back!


This weekend is extra exciting because not only is it July 4th BUT… I’m moving. Finally, after commuting for what seemed like an eternity, I’ll be turning in my monthly ticket and getting myself a Park Ave. address (I’m not joking…). I’m subletting for the month of July and August with the fantastic AC. Fingers crossed by September I’ll have a permanent address!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!!



  1. Hey are GROSS!

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