Sunday, October 10, 2010

"It's really scary to be a little person and not know how to get home"

Amazing weekend. Amazing quotes. Amazing people...

"Do you mind if I got get a 5 hour energy...don't judge me, I love that shit" -BL out on Friday night. She's definitely one of my fav. people in the world

"I was mad at dad because it was Christmas Eve, I was stuck in a maze with no presents and he went to bed"- My mom in reference to her dream from this weekend

"S.O.S...Bro spotted at Tiernangtjuriedoclvkjghytruoepwsd..S.O.S"- KMC...the Bro from last weekend was spotted at the bar...awkward, let's hope he doesn't ask for his fleece back

...and the title is in reference to another one of my mothers amazing dreams this weekend.


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