Monday, October 4, 2010

Status: Bro-tacular.

I've met plenty of bro's in my time. LI is filled with Woodstick Classics, fierce sailing rivalries and enough douchey behavior to shock even the most experienced bro-spotter. However, if you want to find a bro in their natural element, CT is where you need to be.

My encounter with this "Bro-tastic"( his words, not mine) male was Saturday night. He wore a backwards baseball hat, half-zip fleece and boat shoes. His hair peaked out from behind his ears, and by the looks of it, was permanently wind blow from all the time he must spend sailing or flying down the ski-slopes. This bro was quite special. Let's call him J.

J appeared a min after last call. Perfect timing bro! We're already drunk, so you've saved yourself some money by not having to buy us drinks.

J introduces himself, says something "bro-mantic" and manages to find his way into our cab. J is attractive in a waspy way. We later find out he's from CT and has a second home in MA. He played Lax in HS, has two siblings and works for his dad's company where he buys energy. How Bro-fessional!

He was like a living

Ladies, if you find yourself amongst a bro, savor the moment. Don't question his vocabulary, choice of branded t-shirt or his desire to drink cheap beer. It's way more enjoyable to make fun of him...chances are, he's too self-involved to realize you're doing it.


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