Monday, December 14, 2009

Sparkly Dresses and cutting down Christmas Trees!

I know!

I know!

I’ve been the WORST blogger ever, but I’ve had a busy week! Friday was the GMA Holiday Party and Saturday I went and cut down a Christmas Tree…yes- an actual Christmas Tree...

Here is my dad and my brother carrying "LaToya". She is currently covered in Tinsle and barely fits in the living room. I guess trees look smaller in the wilderness...

I’ve been tooooo busy to sleep, let along blog and I feel like I’ve gotten out of the swing of it.
I DO have some funny stories…actually only one for right now, but here it goes...

So remember that dress I posted? The sparkly one from BCBG…that I was planning on wearing to the Holiday Party! Well, as of Thursday at 9pm, that dress was still not in my possession. Mind you the dress was shipped 2DAY from the 59th St. store in NY to my house. By my calculations…I should have received the dress by Wednesday.

Wednesday came and went…no dress

Thursday came and went…no dress.

Panic set in. What was I going to wear? Where the heck was my dress…and more importantly, how come they charged my credit card?

After an hour on the phone, Paula- my mom with super powers…managed to get a hold of the Bloomingdales Store Manager, who she then spent an hour with the next day at the Bloomingdales store in my town (apparently Bloomies had no record of us even buying the dress). The next day, Paula ate sandwiches, drank latte’s and hung out in the executive offices at Bloomies. My mother somehow managed to get them to HAND DELIVER the dress to me at my office just in time for the party.

Paula is MAGIC…and so is the dress. I love it!

Happy Monday!




  1. Love your blog! I could read on for hours!

    Your new follower,


  2. Photos of the dress, please!

    I'm glad it all worked out. :-)

  3. I should clarify: pictures of you in the dress!