Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Healing Crystals, Parisian Lovers and all things GLEE

I'm pretty ty ty so this is gonna be quick.

-Lee Dewyze is my new BF

-WTF is up with Spencer Pratt and his crazy healing crystals. I'm pretty sure Heidi and Spencer are one step away from putting on their black NIKE's, zipping up the sleeping bags and drinking the Kool-Aid. Someone needs to have an intervention Dr. Drew style A.S.A.P. It's official. They've lost it.

-Kelly Cutrone is my new hero. I've read her book (highly recommend it), and I've watched her show. Nothing-and I mean NOTHING compare to her ripping Olivia Palermo to pieces on TV or telling Whit that she needs to take a Parisian lover because, "its the easiest way to learn the language" and because, "they're a great bang"...this is reason #542 why I love Kell.

-GLEE. While NPH is fantastical, nothing compares to Brittany's one-liners (which were missed this week) or the sexual tension between Finn and Rach. The lack of plot is really getting to me. While I love this show, I'm getting concerned that they're investing WAY to much time in guest stars and not enough time in the actual characters. I want more Mercedes and Kurt, it's true, they "make culture". If there isn't a phenom duet between Lea and Idina next week I'm so over this show...

oh wait, no worries...here it is.


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