Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rachel Berry and my love for Lee

I'm sitting with Paula and Ray (my 'rents) watching American Idol. I've become addicted because of my coworkers. I don't have much of an interest in this show...until Lee comes on the TV. I'm disturbingly obsessed with his sessyness. He's perfect. Here's why...
1. His big blue eyes
2. His voice
3. His ability to wear flannel and not look like a lumberjack or homeless man
4. The fact that he's totally unaware of how hottttt he is

GLEE is on right after AI...everyone knows I'm a massive Gleek and I was definitely impressed by tonight's episode. The show has barely any plot and the only reason I stick around each week is because of the amazing songs, incredible vocals, sheer hotness of Finn, Puck and Wheels (I think I just find his glasses adorkable), and the genius that IS Brittany.


Tonight's episode had a lot of heart. Maybe it was the paralyzed kid, the fact that Rachel lost her voice or the fact that Puck finally got rid of the moronic mohawk, but there was something totally fantastic about tonights episode in a completely different way. It wasn't all about the songs. Good job Ryan Murphy...good job!

Next week: NPH

Um...hello? Can it get any better...


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  1. #4 (in reference to Lee) is totally spot on. he comes off as a little bit shy and i love that about him.
    also- agree on glee. i was somewhat disappointed with the last two episodes but i really liked tonight.
    i missed being on your couch tho. miss you lady. let's do something together soon.