Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alumni Weekend- Welcome to the REAL WORLD

This post will be long…apologies in advance. It will be followed by a cupcake recipe so be patient my loves…be patient.

Alumni weekend is a strange mish-mosh of recent graduates, current seniors and over the hill parents/alumni attempting to relive the glory days.

Exactly one week ago I headed up to Fairfield University for Alumni weekend. I was
prepared for the awkward and painful experience that was awaiting me at The Grape (our college bar) or La Grapa, as we like to call it. What happened, was surprisingly different than what I had expected.

First of all, I had a few random classmates approach me at the bar and mention that they read my blog. Some, were friends and even aquaintences and others, well others, I had barely exchanged words with over the 4 years I spent in CT. It was random, fabulous and I loved it .

It was the weekend that epic stories are made of. The Trifecta (TKH and KMC) was reunited and within minutes of hoping off the 71-minute train ride from NYC, I was in stitches from laughing so hard. Within the hour we were headed to the bar La Grapa.
Last weekend I spent more hours in La Grapa then I did sleeping. FAIL. It was incredible.

The “Fairfield Celebs” were also in full force during Alumni Weekend. Fairfield Celebs are those “very special” classmates who think they are still the popular kids in H.S.. They think they can push and claw their way to the front of the line for Cherrybombs and house shots. However, last time I checked, they were still un-employed…just like me. This means that we are on the same level. GET OVER YOURSELF…And take off that ridiculous outfit, you aren’t sipping cocktails in Vegas, YOU are at La Grapa.

This post could turn into my first novel if I’m not careful, so I’m going to do a little run down of what occurred. Instead of doing a full on play by play, I’ve decided to do a little count by numbers...

Hours of Sleep: 7
Hours spent in La Grapa: 9
Dance Parties: 3
Cherrybombs consumed by Trifecta: 25+
Showers taken: 1 (goo)
Times we listened to Empire State of Mind: 30…or so
Neck Stabilization Techniques on Fairfield Celebs: 1
Re-enactments of said Stabilization Techniques: 15
Walking Trips through the Drive-Thru ATM: 1
Pictures Taken: 110
Shoes Ruined: 1
Tears cried: 0
Floors slept on: 3
Joyrides around Campus: 5
Heart to hearts at the bar: 3
Trips to Cumby’s: 2
Words Tranny Mess uttered: 134
Pedicures from Coco Nails: 2
Drunken Maps drawn of the “United States”: 1
Cardigans worn: 2
Minutes spent waiting for a drink at “La Grapa”: 20
Times spent reminiscing: countless

Loved it!

Love you!

Now I'm going to leave you with some images from the weekend.



The beautiful and stunning TKH and KMC

A "stabilization" re-enactment taking place

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