Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If I could die of embaressment, I would already be dead!

Hey NYC- Seattle called- they want their weather back!

Now on to the real story…So it’s been awhile since my last post and I was going to wait until I had finished writing my alumni weekend story to put up another, but this happened this morning and I just HAD to share it.

Everyone knows that I am clumsy and awkward and that I have an uncanny ability to fall over at the most inopportune times. Today- was one of those times.

I take the E from Penn to Spring everyday and I see the same people every morning. There is the girl who constantly looks like she is taking the “walk of shame”, the cute couple sharing the paper and two super hotties; one I call Spring and the other 14th -because those are their stops.
Today the train was super crowded because it was a C instead on an E train and there are a few less cars on the C. It’s also raining, so the ground is somewhat wet and people are generally in a bad mood.

For everyone who doesn’t take the Subway or has yet to experience its “ charm”, riding the subway during rush hour is about as pleasurable as plucking out your eyebrows.
Back to the Story…

I’ve been shoved- like cattle onto the subway. The train starts to move and no fewer that 5 seconds later, jerks forward sending the person breathing heavily upon my neck, crashing in to me.

Where does that leave me?

Flying forward, with no bar to hold on to, into the people sitting down. I come catapulting into them and end up of lying flat out-in their laps-in front of the whole subway car. Two Hotties saw it, “walk of shame” was laughing and “the couple” were totally gossiping about my fall behind their AM NY paper.

If I could die of embarrassment I would be dead. I hope you all would have come to my funeral. On my grave I would like it to say,

“She was awkward, but we loved her”

Hope your Wednesday started more smoothly than mine!



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  1. i love your story and your sense of humor about yourself...i'm fairly clumsy and i always used to get so embarrassed, like to the point of tears. but something has happened to me in my 30's, not only have i accepted my clumsiness but i have embraced it. i've come to expect nothing less than embarrassing myself and when i don't, i actually mentally congratulate myself....true joke