Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting ready for the awkwardness...

It’s not even noon and I’ve already seen my fair share of HTM’s ( Hot Tranny Messes). When I started this blog I intended to share with readers (if I have any), my random life adventures. Since getting a job (?) the opportunity to get randomly assaulted by hilarious and awkward moments has SEVERELY diminished.

I’m Sad.

Watching people fall down on the train MAKES my day. I j’adore stories from Saturday night/ Sunday Morning and 3 am CrunchWrap Supremes in Penn, make my life worth living—ok, so that is slightly dramatic, but you get the point!

I’m 22 and I need to get a life. This weekend is Alumni weekend. So I will be heading up to my Alma Mater to experience awkwardness at its finest. I can’t wait for the meaningless hugs, fake I MISS YOU’s and the sleep deprived insanity that will surely go on during a weekend back at college. On the plus side, I get to see a few of my Best Friends who I really do miss terribly. Happy Birthday TKH—see you in a few days!

For now, I will leave you with a few HTM’s I saw today

1. Snoring man on the LIRR woke himself up this morning---with his own snoring.
2. Man in a FULL spandex, bright red, lycra biking suit. He was 50…it was not sexy.
3. A large truck backed into a lamp post. Not once—not twice, but THREE times!
4. Blonde Girl on the E today looking as though she was still hungover-- on her way to work. Someone should tell her that frosted lipstick and bed head is NOT work appropriate and neither is wearing pleather pants and day-old eyeliner.



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