Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Awkward Life Syndrome" aka ALS

My Dear friend…let’s call her CM, suffers from something she likes to call ALS or Awkward Life Syndrome. It is something we bonded over. We both have an uncanny ability to attract and engage in awkward life situations.

We don’t search for them.

They just occur.

She is a magnet for painfully uncomfortable interactions with boys. They are drawn to her, just like the crazies and homeless men are drawn to me.

She is gorgeous, fun and smart… yet boys like this one, let’s call him “JD”, tend to seek her out.
This is an email she received from a boy who was handing out fliers in her neighborhood. He knocked on her door, left, came back and insisted on getting her phone number. She refused…but to get rid of him gave him her work email. This blog friends, is the epitome of ALS.


This is that obnoxious, ugly kid that would not leave you alone yesterday. Normally I would wait 3-6 days after getting a number or in this case an email but I figured ehhh, send her one so she is not in suspense checking email every five minutes for the next week. First, I do apologize for the way I presented myself, but I am very, very cautious about who I ask out. Asking questions like I did has saved me from some unpleasant characters based on their initial reaction. I would like to try to make plans in the near future; I was thinking dinner (early) and a drink (early) Mon, Tue, or Wednesday. I mean I could be available this weekend if you HAD to see me, but I figured let’s not push it.

This is my email address ……………….. and I look forward to hearing from you.



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