Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happiness is...

My life is in a state of transition...I hate saying that, but it is. This morning I woke up, the sun was shining and there were pancakes in the kitchen and despite the state of uncertainty in my life I’m happy.

I've been trying to define happiness all week. So today, I sat in my bed, flipping though old photos currently stored on my computer. These are some of the things that make me happy.

This is my “Paradise”…

Happiness is...sunshine and graduation parties.

Happiness is...The "Trifecta".

Happiness is...hotel parties and sitting in TV cabinets.

Happiness is...Kelly Clarkson in the rain with backstage passes.

Happiness is...Fairfield Beach, Mock Wedding and 3/4 of "Club Blue".

Happiness is...Bowling in funny shoes on a Friday night.

Happiness is...The Coliseum in Rome.

Happiness is...being an Orientation Leader.

Happiness vacations.

Happiness is...Best Friends.

Happiness is...wearing balloon animals on your head. dressing up like a "mathlete".

Happiness is...playing with sparklers.

Happiness is...your best friend be your roomate.
Happiness is...Senior Week.

Happiness is...drinks on the LIRR.

Happiness is...Yoga by the pool.

Happiness is..."Dottie", "Judith" and the "Gypsy"

Happiness is...matching Britney t-shirts for THE concert event of the summer!

Happiness is...funny faces with the brother.

Happiness dad

Happiness is...silly faces with Mom.

Happiness is..."Paradise".




  1. happiness is... having you in my life. <3

    can't wait for break so we can take pictas by the tree, have city adventures, and watch guilty pleasure tv shows on your couch!

  2. I loved that post. Happiness is what you make of it! We are all so blessed!

  3. i agree with everything Lisa said.

    HOWEVER, you forgot to put "Happiness is a cuddly dog wearing your glasses"