Monday, November 30, 2009

Crème Bru-FAIL

So I was feeling domestic yesterday and I was craving one of my all-time favorite desserts.

Crème Brulee

Maybe it’s the creamy sweet custard or the fact that it’s covered in perfectly charred sugar…all I know is that I adore it.

I went to the supermarket…purchased vanilla bean, heavy cream…all the accoutrements. I slaved, I waited and I slaved some more. It was over 5 hours before I could crack open the caramelized shell and take a bite.


My custard was NOT custard. It was more like Crème Bru-soup. I was devastated. All I wanted was some yummy goodness. It was my first big food fail since the Baking Soda-less Irish Soda Bread of 1999…oops.

I will try again…and eventually I will create THE perfect Crème Brulee.

Happy cooking!




  1. What a bummer! I haven't attempted to make creme brulee, but anything that requires a mini kitchen torch is pretty entertaining at least.

  2. is it completely disturbing that the first thing i thought of after i read this was Zeke from High School Musical (the basketball player who wants to go to culinary school and talks about making the perfect crème brulée)? i think so...