Friday, February 19, 2010

I was having a weak moment....

And I impulse purchased this jumper...

I swear it's really cute on and when I wear it tomorrow, I will take pics and post them.

Hope you are all having a great Friday...Happy Weekend!

UPDATE: THE JUMPER FELL APART AT THE BAR!!!! I will post pics because it was super cute as soon as CM uploads them, but I will be returning to Intermix today to complain. I am sooooo upset. All of the buttons started coming off!!!



  1. That is TOO cute. Can't wait to see it on!

  2. So adorable - can't wait to see pictures of you in it!

  3. oh no! i LOVED that jumper. damn you intermix and your overpriced flimsy merchandise. i hope it all gets sorted out because i think it would be ferosh in summertime sans tights with metallic sandals

  4. This is cute, I can't believe it fell apart! I love intermix but sometimes it's a bit overpriced for the quality.