Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's just me and the Olsen twins tomorrow...no...I'm serious

For many of you, my brief hiatus from blogging went unnoticed. However, there are a few of you who have started harassing me to blog again. MS and CM...it's been noted that you appreciate the blog. This post goes out to you lovely ladies...

My life has been crazy lately...I will fill everyone in on this later, but for now, this post is VERY important.

Tomorrow marks a milestone in my life.

NO, It's not my birthday and NO, I'm still single if that's what you were thinking...

Tomorrow I get to meet someone who changed my childhood. She (they) influenced much of my fashion choices and hairstyles and provided me with HOURS of fabulous television.

Tomorrow I get to meet Michelle Tanner or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as they are called in real life. I'm pretty sure I might just call them both Michelle tomorrow. I mean, why not? Get over it girls...as much as you like to pretend you are all "sophisticated" and "cultured", you will ALWAYS be The Olsen Twins and I will ALWAYS adore you.

Do you think that bringing my copy of the "The case of Thorn Mansion" or my audio cassette of "Brother for Sale" to have signed tomorrow would be inapprops?

I mean maybe they would find it offensive if I called them the Trench Coat Twins, or asked how Uncle Jesse was?

Whatev's I don't care. I cant wait! I will be humming the Full House theme song all morning.


Ashley Olse...I mean just Ashley


  1. Please post about your time with them! I love them!!

  2. and lets not forget Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris, Holiday in the Sun and Winning London..

  3. I'm jealous,jealous, jealous! I adore them and don't worry I took a little blog break as well, that's why I haven't been around!