Friday, February 12, 2010

“One of these days you're going to need to get yourself a real who isn't your father”

Here is the thing…my life used to be somewhat amusing. I had fun stories about encounters with homeless men, tumbling down subway steps and the occasional awkward High School run-in.

HOWEVER, my life has gotten WAY less interesting these past few weeks. Sure, I went on a blind date…terrifying...of course. I met a boy at a bar who insisted I meet him at the nearest Taco Bell so we could hook up and I even danced with tranny (this is debatable, but I like to think it was a tranny) at a bar in the city. While this was all fun, I am still waiting for it. MY BIG AHA moment as Oprah calls them.

My freelance gig is currently up and for the past week, I’ve been sitting at home watching re-runs of CSI and searching for jobs instead of hanging with MK and A. It’s a definite downgrade in my mind, but I’ve had the time to try spinning and experiment with some new hairstyles…I’ve learned I resemble Ke$ha when I don’t blow dry my hair.

While my life has turned into a pathetic example of what happens when you don’t pick a practical major in college (I have a degree in English), I’m still somewhat happy. UNTIL, I turn on my television and see commercials for Valentines Day. To quote my mother, “One of these days you're going to need to get yourself a real who isn't your father”.

So…if you would like to be my Valentine...I would love that.

Happy Friday!!!




  1. I'll be your valentine love. my mom took a low blow today at my lack-of-ass-getting. is that even allowed?!!

  2. awww.... all of us will be your valentine!!