Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"living just to find emotion"

Anywho…like I was saying in a previous post I mentioned my love of September because it means the start of a new television season. I know its terrible and quite mindless to spend hours in front of the television, but I absolutely love it. People need to get over it and realize that there are a plethora of fantastic television shows that they should be watching! Some are more mindless than others, but who the hell cares. If I wanted to learn something I would turn on the news or pick up the paper.

With that being said, I will now tell everyone who reads this blog (all three of you, my mother included) about my new favorite show of the fall.


I cannot get enough of this show. I saw the preview pilot episode a few months ago when it aired after American Idol and it was incredible. GLEE focuses on a High School’s failing show choir and one teachers attempts to bring it back from obscurity. The show also includes fabulous show choir renditions of classic songs.

Like... "Don't Stop Believing"


The characters are charming and stereotypical high school archetypes...like

The Jock
The Nerdy Show Choir Girl
The Bitchy, God loving, virgin cheerleader
The flamboyant male show choir participant
The Sessy Teacher
The other Sessy teacher who pines for Sessy Teacher #1
The Black girl with vocals that rival Aretha Franklin

Creator Ryan Murphy( Nip Tuck) brings his sarcastic and somewhat dark humor to life once again in this incredible show…I’m wearing my most flashy show choir-esque ensemble and setting up shop in my living room tomorrow for what I’m sure will be an incredible night.

Until tomorrow I wait with anticipation and GLEE for the most amazing premiere this fall.



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  1. i can't come over to watch Glee anymore :(
    loooong story but it involves people at my work being absolute idiots and now i have to work 3-11pm. but mayhaps we can play on thursday. i would like to see you before saturday :)