Thursday, September 3, 2009

Casual...Yet Trendy?

I’m back from the land of farms and cow-tipping. After a brief (overnight) stay with the Grandparents, Helen and Bob (stories will follow), I am back adding to the ever growing list of “Trendy Casual” items. However, the more I look at my list, the more I realize that it resembles J.Crew’s Fall catalogue…oh well.

I believe that it's time for SEXY, yet tasteful and appropriate work tops.

Silk Frances Cami is absolutely fabulous on. You MUST be willing to work the ruffles though because they are quite fierce and definitely the focal point on the shirt. I already have this in Ivory and Lavender and they both go great with all the basics, from jeans to pencil skirts. I also love it worn under a basic v-neck sweater…the ruffles come right out of the fabric and add a pop of color and a fun frill to the basic closet staple.

Kelsey ruffle top. I die for the buttons down the front and the understated ruffle collar…this is for those who aren’t daring enough to try the Silk Frances Cami (I know it's intimidating, but try it...I promise you will love it!). The Sweet Papaya color is my favorite.

Silk Tiered Cami- I really like layers and anything tiered because it covers up the “fatty fatty no friends” areas of my body. This top is not only pretty, but practical. It comes in 6 colors for fall and adds just the right amount of fun for my cardigans. Plus it has pretty little buttons on the shoulder.

Tissue boyfriend V-neck tee: CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR 9.99!!!
Literally, it's the perfect layering t-shirt. Get one in every color…I’m not exaggerating.
Long Boyfriend Blazer…we’ve already heard about how much I adore this blazer. GET ONE!!! and I like that necklace in the picture...on to the accessories tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, when I have more time to update and discuss my adventures in the woods, aversion to taking fish off the hook and love of David Yurman!



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