Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Life Your Entertainment

"My Life Your Entertainment" came on my IPOD this morning and I couldn’t help but want to make it the title of today’s post.

Why ?

Because its awesome!

I by no means have an entertaining life. I am 21 years old ( soon to be 22), somewhat employed and am still living at home. And unfortunately my love life is about as tragic and horrific as watching Brit Brit's 2007, VMA performance.

The most exciting thing about my life is my internship and my fri
ends. Don’t get me wrong. I’m OBSESSED with both. However, I do not live this fabulous life I dream of. And while I love to pretend that I am Whitney Port as I walk down Hudson St. to my office ( humming the theme song to The City...of course). I'm am reminded that I'm not WP, in fact, I am a chubby, short imitation WP that DVF would totally scoff at!

I j’adore terrible reality television. If its on Bravo, I watch it. If it’s a "unscripted" drama about rich pre-pubescent snobs…chances are I have seen every episode and if it involves people being filmed while eating at a trendy restaurant, I can promise you that I am picturing myself in that scene and we are probably at Le Duex or Cafeteria.

Wtf has my life become? Am I pathetic?

Answer: YES

But I don't really care. Who knows, maybe one day, during a heated argument over spaghetti, I will flip a table at a fancy restaurant and call someone a prostitution wh@re.

Until then I'm going to keep humming songs in my head and I suggest you do the same.


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  1. you are not pathetic. there totes were camera crews there tonight as we dined at ben's kosher deli. and remember when that slightly older yale alum hit on us? think it was 'cause we were wearing leggings as pants again...