Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hanging with Rog, Maria and Andy at the US Open

Let me preface this by saying that I have NO knowledge of the sport. Understanding Tennis is like my attempt to read Chinese...painful and unsuccessful. However, today I had the pleasure of attending the US Open. I apologized in advance to my brother, who was forced to sit next to me…I was like that kid at the movies who constantly asks questions every time something happens or like the annoying six year old in the backseat on a vacation asking, “are we there yet?”

Putting all that aside, it was an absolutely fabulous day for the Open. It was sunny, slightly breezy and we had some great matches (I still don’t know if that is what they are called…).

The morning started off with Roger Federer (or Rog as I like to call him. He isn’t aware of it yet, but he is my new boyfriend. Can you say SESSY?), Maria Sharapova (aka the girl from the camera commercials who has the little white dog) and Andy Roddick (umm…hello? Total HOTTIE)

However, the star of the show had to be the 17 year old American, Melanie Oudin, who played against Sharapova. Like I said before, I know about as much about Tennis as I know about underwater basket-weaving, but after todays match, I can promise that Oudin is the girl to watch. Today was definitely her day and the packed Stadium knew it too as they watched her take down Sharapova. YAY for you Oudin!!!


So based on today, I think that my Tennis education was taken up a grade…maybe I’m a middle school level now and I thought I would share with you what I learned.

1. Preppy Attire is a must at the US Open…bring your favorite Polo shirt (they happen to be a sponsor so if you forget yours at home you can pick one up for a measly $125)

2. Really attractive guys watch Tennis. The amount of attractive 20 something’s at Arthur Ashe was incredible...if only my parents weren’t with me.

3. Drinks are a must. I wasn’t aware that drinking and tennis went hand in hand, but the amount of Grey Goose (also a sponsor) Martini’s being served before 11am informed me that I was sadly mistaken.

4. Roger Federer is super Sessy

5. I would absolutely hate to be a ball girl/boy. First of all, some of the serves were clocked in at 125 mph…could you imagine accidentally getting hit with one. Plus those kids had to run around chasing bright yellow balls around in 90 degrees. GOO

6. Celeb sightings are almost always going to happen during the US Open. I never knew Sienna Miller and Jason Bateman were fans of Tennis…on second thought...maybe it’s the Grey Goose Martinis.

7. I actually don’t mind watching Tennis!

I will now leave you with some photos and a quote from Paula (for all of you who don’t know, Paula is my mom)

“Get your shit together Rog!” – in reference to a time in which Roger Federer almost missed a shot. She yelled the stadium...and people heard her.


Ash Arther Ashe Stadium...where it all goes down!

Ralph Lauren...this is where you can pick up your overpriced US Open Polo shirt.

Awww...New Christmas Photo? This is right before I discovered I was in love with Rog.

Rog during his Match(?)

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  1. hahaha i love paula.

    oh, also, my mom told me that 2 years ago a ball girl was hit (actually by Rog serving I believe) she fell straight to the ground but then got up and said she was okay. I'm sure she must've had a concussion later though