Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 Things to FALL in love with!

These are the 5 things that are currently on my Fall wish list. I doubt #2 and #3 will never be purchased, but I can dream can't I?

1. Men’s Blazer- I love they way they look with a pair of slightly distressed jeans. Meant to be worn long and cuffed at the sleeves, I think it’s the perfect addition to my Fall wardrobe. My favorite I have seen so far is the J.Crew Long Boyfriend Blazer $215. With perfectly cuffed sleeves that expose tie silk, the blazer can be thrown over a white T for a classy, but casual ensemble. I'm picturing them with my skinny's and black patent Tory Reva's...

2. Chloé: Paraty leather tote- I fell in LOVE with this exquisite leather carryall when I saw it at Intermix this past weekend. Can I afford it? Hell no, but I can dream. It could be worn over the shoulder or hooked under the arm.

3. Christian Louboutin: Very Privé 120 peep-toe pumps- Ferocia Coutura…Very high, super sexy and cray cray overpriced. They are the perfect black peep-toe…I will never own a pair. With the amount of times I fall daily, there is no way in hell I am spending that much money on a pair of shoes…but they are just soooo pretty to look at!
4. Long Cardigan: Anyone who knows me can tell you I have more cardigans than Mr. Rodgers, but these are definitely my favorite for Fall and I will be stocking up! The J.Crew Forever cardigan comes in 11 colors and at 89.50 it’s a bit expensive, but no worries, flash your student id for a 15% discount and call it a day. I might get one in ever color…unfortunately I pay full price (damn you expired StagCard!!!)

5. Classic White T: To be worn under my Men’s Blazer, Long Cardigan and just about everything else in my closet. Hanes makes a fabulous featherweight white t-shirt and at $18 you can’t go wrong.

I definitely can't afford most of this stuff, but at the end of the day I can dream of the perfect wardrobe...until then, there are always Sample Sales!



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    Definitely check out this blog. She has aaaaaaaa-mazing clothes. This was her post on your Loubs!