Friday, August 21, 2009

It's HERE!!!!!!!!

It feels like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.

The Fashion Bible has arrived (THE September Issue of Vogue), I am all packed and ready for Swagfest and my OPI Mani/Pedi in Russian Navy looks Fierce. I am ready to take on NYC, for a night that will surely go down in the history books. I can’t quite be sure of what cray cray things will go on tonight, but I am hoping for a few of these…

1. The theme of the night is BOMOPOGO or Black out, Make out, Put out and Get out… I am really only hoping for the MO part of our fabulous slogan courtesy of RJ.
2. Not to run in to Dennis/Derrick and his Facebook Girlfriend.
3. Russians to go along with my nail polish, but only for KR!
4. To find a few Plus 1’s. A few of us have some very exciting weddings in the next few months and we have started our searches early. So if you know anyone in the NY area who has any of the following characteristics, please give him my phone number.
a. No criminal record
b. Wears glasses
c. Is employed
d. Is single

5. Dance it up to songs like …Evacuate the Dance floor, Down, Knock you down and Turn my swag on.
6. Skinny Dip in the Marriott Marquee pool….ok that one is a serious stretch, but a girl can dream?
7. Have a fabulous weekend away with the girls!!!!

At the End of The Day, BE fierce, BE Fabulous and Have a fantastical weekend!!!


AC (+1? )

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  1. I DIE!!!

    I am literally in my coffin after reading this!