Monday, August 17, 2009

Can I bribe you with food?

Maybe I can get the construction workers to stop making all that noise, put some clothes on and actually chat about me in English if I bring them a peace offering. I’m thinking Biscuits!

Here is my recipe for the best biscuits ever. They are easy and a secret family recipe that has been passed from generation to generation

...ok that's a lie. They actually come from the back of the Bisquick box, but everything always tastes better when you say its a family recipe.

All you need is…

2 1/4 cups Original Bisquick
2/3 cup milk

All you need to do is…

Heat the oven to 425 degrees. Combine the ingredients (all 2 of them!) and drop them into little mountains on an un-greased cookie sheet.

It only takes about 8-10 minutes and they will be golden brown.

My momma has been making this for me and my brother since we were little. Once you learn the consistancy of the dough you can make one Biscuit or the whole box. Add Chocolate Chips for a warm and gooey surprise in every bite! My mom always makes us a glaze as well. It's included below.

If you want a Glaze…

Slowly add milk to a bowl of confectioners sugar until it makes a smooth, yet pour able icing.

Here is what the end product should look like.





  1. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm. make me some!

  2. i miss you making me fresh biscuits for breakfast every morning [like you did this weekend].