Saturday, August 29, 2009

“It couldn't have happened anywhere but little old New York”

After a fabulous few days away, I am finally back to my computer…and I’ve missed it. I spent a few days up at the Cape with Miss. Lee, where most of the day was spent watching True Blood…( which everyone should be watching) and the crisp evenings were spent sipping Pinot. For the first time this weekend, I smelt fall in the air and it was pure bliss.

I then traveled up to visit the ferocious Miss. Maia and was lucky enough to have a few fiercely delish cocktails with some Fairfielders ( MO and KM) and the soccer players. I also had a brief lunch with Miss. Healy this afternoon and while it was rushed, it only enhances what I already know…that I miss her terribly. I had a nice trip, but here is the thing…Boston is a great city, but in my opinion nothing compares to New York.

That city will always have my heart.

New York is incredibly magical. From the Kebab station outside Grand Central (he is fab) to Central Park, New York is full of endless possibilities, random encounters and most importantly, LOVE. It’s also filled with wacka-doodles and overpriced real estate, but that is all part of it's charm. (Disclaimer: this post in no way expresses the extent of my love for the city.)

I’m about a week away from starting a fall internship and I could'nt help but begin thinking about my love affair with NYC on my 4 hour train ride home from Boston today and then it happened…I was creating my very own “soundtrack to my life” on my IPOD, while having a movie style, mental montage of my fave NYC moments, when all of a sudden an email came in on the Berry from Miss. Healy. It was a link to a blog from Daily Intel.

…and it’s called: The Ex-Banker Living on Alcohol, Hookups, and Unemployment

To quote Rachel Zoe, “I DIE”

Read it and make of it what you will…

Who knows how much it is embellished, but I laughed out loud on the train so much that I was positive they were going to ask me to leave the Amtrak “Quiet Car”

At the End of The Day, live it, love it and visit it because, “It couldn't have happened anywhere but little old New York”



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  1. We should be fabulous struggling NYC interns together. I'm going to link your blog on my blog, just thought I'd let you know.