Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If only I could be a Disney Princess...

This time last year I was packing for college…

Now I’m sitting at my kitchen table next to a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, compulsively checking my g-mail account for any semblance of a job offer.

At this time last year I was positive that I would be employed in NYC, working at my fabulous job saving for my feroshhh APT…

Where am I 365 days later?

Still searching for that opportunity to present itself. Many of you know that I spent my Senior year interning at the most fabulous network in the world. I met scores of celebs and even purchased Brit Brit a Frapp... It was the highlight of my life. Now, I sit at my kitchen table, blackberry and Diet Snapple in hand hoping…no…praying that something works itself out. Long gone are the days when I felt accomplished after waking up at 4:30, commuting, working all day, going to class and still finding time to indulge in some Pinot…now I feel accomplished when I wake up before 10 and drag myself to the Gym. I walk on the treadmill with the hopes that I will find my true passion in life amongst the sweaty and sketchy crowd at P-Fit.

Maybe something will inspire me?

…Probably not, but in the event that it does. I have now made the conscious decision to carry around a notebook with me, with the hope that at any moment, I could be struck with a plan… or so that I can write down the funny things I witness on a daily basis.

Today’s funny visual…

A man resembling a Jonas Brother Bodyguard BBMing on his Bright Pink Burberry on the LIRR.

My CURRENT plan…

It’s Wednesday and I’m headed to the Cape for a quick rendezvous up North with Miss. Lee. Maybe the cool breeze and the drinky dranks poolside with conjure up some ideas about my future.

If anyone has any suggestions…please feel free to provide me with them.

Not many of you actually read this blog, but I’m inviting those of you who do to suggest a career path for me. Right now I’m choosing between Disney Princess and working at J.Crew….


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  1. Don't stress too much about it. It happens to most of us --that feeling of being in limbo times in which we have lost our sense of direction because we have left one thing and don’t know where to find the next. One book I read a little while back that I would recommend is: "Finding Your Passion" by Cheryl Richardson. I'm actually not sure if they have it on paperback since I listened to the audiobook and that's the only version I can find on Amazon. Anyways it provides good suggestions on how to go about finding out what it is you love and want to do and how to follow that passion and incorporate it into your life, whether it be by making it your career or otherwise :-)