Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm not that innocent...

The tickets have been ordered and the t-shirts have been made...In a few hours, I will be sitting at MSG watching Ms. Britney Spears lip-sync her way through Circus, If You Seek Amy, and hopefully a fabulous rendition of “Oops I did it Again”.

I have been waiting all summer for Brit Brit to come to town. I think she finally has her shit together and as far as I can tell, she hasn’t shaved her head again. She hasn’t dropped a kid, driven her car erratically or even shown up at a gas station sans-shoes, so I think she is doing pretty well...However, sometimes I remember the times when Brit Brit was much more “Tragic” and it’s those times when I think back to when she first sauntered her way into our hearts…

I remember the first time I heard Brit Brit. I was in middle school and "Hit Me Baby One More Time" had just been released. Within weeks, Britney had become the Princess of Pop, where she reined as its ruler throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Sure, others tried to emulate her Golden Locks (Mandy, Jessica and Christina…I’m talking to you) and her killer dance moves, but there was something about Britney that no one could touch. Maybe it was her sessy boy band lovah; JT…or maybe it was the constant rumors of boob jobs and stolen virginity. No one really knows. Ferocious in every way, Britney charmed her way into the hearts of Tween’s everywhere.

From Tokyo to Tennessee, girls and boys loved her. Hit after Hit, from Lucky to I’m a Slave 4U…Brit Brit appeared to have it all, movies (Crossroads), platinum albums and gazillions of dollars. However Brit Brit started to slip…

She changed her image from school girl to sexed-up nympho at the VMA’s, stripping her outfit off to reveal a nude body-suit with strategically placed sparkles, She strutted across the stage carrying a boa-constrictor around her neck, all while lip-synching “I’m a Slave 4U” and she kissed a girl…

And then it all went down hill the year she had a quickie wedding in Vegas to her childhood friend (Jason Alexander). Then came the marriage to K-Fed, Oops Baby #1 and #2, and her failed attempt at a reality show (Chaotic). Before we knew it, Brit Brit was binging on Frapps, Shaving her head, checking into a padded cells and dating Paparazzi….BUT…I still loved her. I love crazy Britney as much as I love sane Britney. Without her, I wouldn’t have had years of music filled bliss, dance parties would be way less fun and People Magazine would have way less cover stories.

I had the pleasure of seeing Britney perform this past December on her Birthday and she was phenomenal. The dance moves are no longer exceptional, but in the words of KR, she has perfected her “Walk with a purpose”. I saw the kids, brought her a Frapp (I’m not kidding, I actually did) and watcher her slither her way down the stairs of a makeshift circus set. It was pure perfection.

Call her what you want, but she is an ICON. So tonight, when she takes the stage I will look out at Britney and think about all the great memories she has provided me with. At the End of The Day, she is Britney Spears and she has once again reinvented herself and stolen my heart. So, put on your pleather jumpsuit or your schoolgirl skirts and fasten your seatbelts...I’m positive that tonight will be another fabulous ride on the Brit Brit Circus train.



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  1. AHHH! i'm so excited. i feel like a kid on christmas eve!