Thursday, January 21, 2010

The "Adork-able" Seth Cohen

Everyone has a television at their desk where I work. We don't have a lot of channels, but we do get SoapNet. What I learned is that SoapNet doesn't just broadcast Soaps...

They have The OC on every day! Watching The OC again has reminded me how much I loved it when it first came out. How sexy was the brooding Ryan Atwood? I loved everything about this show from "Chrismukkah" to the infamous kiss on the Ferris wheel and the coffee cart. I lived for this show...pathetic, I know!

However...there was one person who made the show truly worth watching.

Adam Brody aka Seth Cohen

Everyone has a type. Some people like jocks and models. I am personally attracted to "Adork-able" guys. Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) is the perfect example of what an "Adork-able" guy is like. His witty banter MADE the show. His love for Summer was unparalleled and the way he babbled on during awkward situations was sheer perfection in my eyes. If anyone knows an "Adork-able" guy they would like to send my way, I'd appreciate it.

Happy Thursday,



  1. Adorkable guys are definatly a WIN WIN!
    love your blog postss, speak to you soon!