Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everyone needs a little "Hair-apy"

Therapy comes in all forms. I've sat on couches, in dimly lit offices talking to strangers and I've drank way to much pinot and cried it out with my girls. I've cuddled on the couch with my mom and I've gorged myself on mountains of pasta. I've purchased shoes, bags, sparkly dresses and books to fill voids in my life, but tonight I get to experience one of my favorite forms of therapy. I get to visit my hairdresser Antoine.

Antoine and I met almost 3 years ago when I was looking for a new hairdresser. The French born, Aveda trained celebrity hairstylist works at the Roy Teeluck Salon on 57 between Madison and Park. The salon is situated across from the iconic four season and provides me with some much needed hair-apy. We gossip, we talk about our lives and I live vicariously through his European adventures.

I know he has hundred of clients, but for that 1 hour when we drink cappuccinos, I feel like I'm his only one. You could say, I j'adore him.

I'm might let him chop off my hair today. I'm feeling like I need a change and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it.

Happy Wednesday




  1. Ah, yes, besides the hair-apy, I've done all the forms of therapy you've listed, plus one: confession. I've found I feel the most refreshed when I leave that confessional.

    Best wishes on your haircut! Enjoy the cappuccino (mmm).

  2. This is so sweet and makes me yearn for a good hairdresser! I normally just swing into whatever is close and accepts walk-ins!

  3. Your Antoine is my Elvis. He ALWAYS makes me feel better!