Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasures- "I DIE"

So...I have terrible taste in television shows and I'm a TV junkie. My tastes rank somewhere in between a 14 year old girl and a 50 year old man.

This is why...

1. I watch the Disney Channel and not just because I work at ABC. DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movies) are pretty fabulous. It's like the Lifetime Network, but for teens.

2. Lifetime Network- Ummmm hello! Don't pretend you haven't spent hours in front of your television with your eyes glued to the screen watching 'Shes Too Young", "A Lovers Revenge" or "A Kiss So Deadly". I have, and I'm not AFRAID to admit it. My theory is that Lifetime movies are based off a few simple story lines. They can be mixed and matched, but there is always the common thread of things like; teen pregnancy, drug abuse, a scorned mistress who is on the hunt to get rid of her man's wife, a cheating husband who is sleeping with his secretary who eventually becomes the scorned mistress and "Based on The True Story" type stuff.

3. The Amy Fisher Story aka 'The Long Island Lolita"- Google it...it will captivate you. You can also reference Guilty Pleasure #2 and watch "The Long Island Lolita- Based on the True Story" on Lifetime. It's 2 hours you will never get back, but it's totally worth it.

4. Tough Love on VH1- I am no where as dysfunctional as the women on this show, but I can't help but want to be a part of it. Where else can you find a super attractive man who will literally set you up on dates and then tell you what your doing wrong, so that you can't make the same mistake again. HELLO sounds perfect to me. SIGN ME UP!

5. RHONY and RHONJ- It's a table flipping, prostitution whore screaming good time. RHONY and RHONJ both come back this spring. Can't wait.

6. Jersey Shore- I'm not proud of this obsession, but let's just say we've got a "situation" on our hands. I will be teasing my way to the perfect poof this Halloween. To Quote Snookie, "I would put tanning beds in everybody’s homes and I would eliminate the Bumpit because I don’t use the Bumpit. I tease.”

7. Make it or Break it- ABC Family has sucked me in with this gymnastics drama. LOVES IT!

8. Rachel Zoe- "I LIT-TRALLY Die"

I addition to these fantabulously awful shows I also watch, GLEE ( OBSESSED), Chuck( I may be the only person watching this show), Greys, Private Practice and House.

Like I said earlier...I'm a TV JUNKIE

What shows do you watch?



  1. Oh my god, I love lifetime and disney. I forget to watch often though. My shows are One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Glee and Greek. You are not the only one who taste ranks in teenage years.
    What's your favorite lifetime movie? I always love Tiffany Amber Thiessen ones. Haha.

  2. Mondays without Gossip Girl have been bleak. I can't live without my Chuck Bass fix! I'm also a huge fan of all things Disney Channel (and thanks to having younger siblings, I can easily blame my addiction on them).

  3. I'm addicted to The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philly, Sons of Anarchy and of course...The Jersey Shore!

  4. I also love the Jersey Shore (watching it as I type) and Glee (Jane Lynch is my obsession), the DCOM Motocrossed, Real Housewives ("Let me tell you a sumbthin about myah fambaly") and you should know that I now have my straight male coworker saying "lit-trally."