Friday, January 8, 2010

When Credit Cards start talking to you and Resolutions become epic fails!

This whole "New Year's Resolution" stuff has been an epic fail on my part.
When New Years rolled around this year, I gave myself some wisdom to live by...more of like a "suggestions on how to live a better year" type of deal.

"Suggestion" number 1 was to talk to train boy. I stood 3 feet from him on the subway yesterday and I didn't utter a single word. I actually stared at my feet. Fail...maybe next week.

"Suggestion" number 2 was work on a healthier lifestyle. I have successfully given up soda and have started eating healthier, but due to the "mystery illness" I have yet to step foot on a treadmill. Fail...get my butt to the gym.

"Suggestion" number 3 was to be more conscious of my money and start saving for my first apartment. I was doing really great on this one until I went and had my locks trimmed by Antoine and put these items in my J.Crew Shopping Cart...

While they haven't been purchased yet...It's like I can hear my credit card talking to me. It's saying, "buy the bag, it will go great with the metallic topsiders. You can totally wear it with the white cotton tunic." DAMN sometimes my credit card makes a good argument.
Happy Friday!


  1. Those topsiders are super fab! Have you seen the metallic Sperrys?

  2. Those are cute J.Crew items, but you don't need them. There will be another adorable J.Crew item soon enough. Save the $!